New! Experience 3D

Immerse yourself in the world of 3D. The new portal by Human Solutions will show you all the possibilities for fashion with 3D. Top-simulation, sophisticated visualizations and an optimal overview of the topic.


Your Windows Upgrade! Remember...

Cad.Assyst has a lot to offer ― and especially on Windows. Live support, for example, plus remote access to centralized data and automation with Smart Pattern. So upgrade quickly and benefit from the new functions in Cad.Assyst 20.11.

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3D visualization

Is it a photo — or a 3D visualization?

CAD’s unbelievable tactile quality makes this question hard to answer. Unless you take the benefits of 3D throughout the entire process chain into account, that is — because you don’t need a finished (or even half-finished) design to have perfect visualization with Vidya and RTT...

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High-tech CAD, PLM & ERP

The right collection at the right time

Innovation 3D



Innovation 3D with Vidya