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Welcome to the Digital World

Experience leading innovations for fashion technology live at our booth and let’s create plans together – plans that are tailor-made to match your business.

Experience live what digitization can offer you today, from the initial idea to production and the shop – digital throughout.

Digital Design

Fully-networked collection coordination
A true competitive edge thanks to digital networking. With 3D, CAD and PLM, tedious collection weeks become collection days when all your partners pull together. The climax of this process is 3D visualization in the Cloud for efficient collection coordination with all your partners.

Digital Production

With virtual samples all the way to production
Go straight to the pre-production stage with the 3D design draft. This will only cost you a few digital minutes. The result is the pattern pieces for your prototype, which is quickly sewn. All you need is your data and an integrated workflow. And this is also ideal for individualized and MtM collections, such as Corporate Fashion.

Digital Showroom

Your customer on center stage
Digitization continues during the ordering season and in the shop. Treat the retail trade and yourself to the 360° view of your virtual model at any location worldwide – for coordination in fast motion and efficiently-organized ordering. In the shop, digital services will help you bring your collection even closer to the customer – online and offline. One example? Bestseller sizing & fitting with simple determination of sizes and a 100% hit rate, backed by the world’s largest body dimension database. Or the digital try-on of your collection in the Virtual Mirror right on site.


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