Laying on demand is an increasingly popular trend

Two million laying jobs on Automarker


Automarker breaks the two million mark. That’s how many laying orders* have already been created by Assyst on the service portal for Laying on Demand.

In terms of time, this means that a marker has been laid on Automarker every 10 seconds. The Laying on Demand service by Assyst offers enormous time savings in the work planning department, simply because many markers can be created in parallel in a short time.

“Since the introduction of Rubberband technology for Automarker, complex markers can also be laid, even for repeat fabrics. Our customers can now lay a major proportion of their markers automatically”, says Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of Assyst, explaining one of the reasons for Automarker's success.

*A laying order may comprise up to 300 markers.


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