The bigger one ― for the space-conscious

The Vitus Smart LC 3 takes up very little room ― but generates lots of sales

engelhorn: customized clothing with bodyscanners

engelhorn Mode im Quadrat sells individually tailored apparel using a body scanner. Thanks to the scanner, the customers’ knowledge of size & fit has blossomed, together with their tastes.

Vitus Smart LC is a three-column scanner specially developed to meet the needs of the retail trade. Thanks to its triangular shape and the small amount of room it takes up, the 3D bodyscanner is perfect for installation in a changing booth to offer customized clothing, to select sizes and/or to implement innovative concepts such as the virtual try-on at the point of sale.

You can expect

the precise taking of measurements

  • the exact three-dimensional imaging of the human body
  • a measuring range of 2100 mm height, 900 mm depth and width
  • a scan time of approx. 10 seconds
  • a wide range of services and software integration
  • user-friendly software


Functional highlights

The world’s leading technology

  • Measurement principle: optical triangulation (laser technology, safe for the eyes)
  • Export formats: ASCII, OBJ, STL, DXF
  • Three laser sensor heads
  • Density of points, 7 points/cm2
  • Tolerance: <1 mm
  • Floor space requirements: around 3 m2
  • Total weight: around 200 kg
  • Direct integration with Anthroscan for body dimension analysis
  • Automatic calculation of scanatar body parts for 3D simulation in Vidya


Human Solutions GmbH
Phone: +49 (0)631 343 593 00

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