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Make the best use of your product data ― seamlessly, all the way to the point of sale.

The Virtual Mirror complements the development and sales process in sensational style. With this innovative solution by Human Solutions, users can already admire themselves in a new dress or suit ― even if the model isn’t in the stores yet.

Rieder: How do we make the purchase of customized clothing easier?

Rieder Manufaktur offers a new purchasing experience. Each customer can try on customized apparel models virtually on a life-size screen. This gives customers more confidence to make better decisions.

Here product data is used seamlessly from development all the way to the point of sale, additional information is gained about the customer’s size & fit and preferences and the association with the market is strengthened. This makes the Virtual Mirror interesting for each and every company; for vertically structured labels, for example, for manufacturers with their own in-house pattern development and for customized clothing manufacturers.

The Virtual Mirror in Development, Sales and Production

The Virtual Mirror connects your products and your customers virtually in real time. In a seamless process chain, bodyscanning is interactively connected with 3D clothing simulation and CAD software ― for the first time... live!

From the customer’s standpoint, the Virtual Mirror functions very smoothly. The manufacturer has a catalog in the system with his range of apparel. The customer is directly integrated into the process when he’s measured with the 3D body scanner in the store. In just a few minutes, the scan is converted into a scanatar, an individual virtual model of the customer for the try-on procedure at the PC. Now the customer chooses the models to try on in the configurator ― and in a short time he sees the sizes and the garments that fit him.

Meanwhile, a very complex process is running at high speed in the background. The model of the selected garment is loaded in Cad.Assyst and transferred to the Vidya software for 3D visualization on the scanatar of the customer. The pattern design is automatically sewn on site in 3D. The result is calculated online in the store ― in just a few minutes.

You can expect

a unique purchasing experience

  • try-on and size & fit visualization on the customer’s virtual scan
  • a seamless technology chain from development to the point of sale
  • changes in size & fit and accessories to be visualized in the Virtual Mirror
  • customer bonding through an innovative purchasing experience/simplified buying decision
  • the try-on of non-stock products
  • precise size & fit information
  • maximum sales from a minimal sales area

High-tech process  

Virtual try-on

  • Vitus Smart LC3 Bodyscanner: non-contact measurement in less than 3 seconds
  • Cad.Assyst: acquisition of body dimensions
  • Intailor: interactive product catalog for selection or configuration of a garment
  • Vidya: try-on of cut pieces with current body dimensions and shapes
  • Virtual Mirror: imaging of the try-on procedure in realtime on an almost life-size screen


Human Solutions GmbH
Phone: +49 (0)631 343 593 00

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