With CAD in the fast lane

Nothing is done in pattern construction nowadays without CAD. The system’s functionality is highly developed. And with the new concept Smart Guide, even professionals can construct up to 20% faster. But with our premium CAD system Cad.Assyst, you can create entirely different advantages in terms of speed, efficiency and cost. Because the CAD of the future will be all about CAD management, automation and system integration - and it would be a good thing if you were already one step ahead.

Bogner: Which technical possibilities can help us get ahead?

Bogner carries out its construction with Cad.Assyst and Smart Pattern ―and the Munich company also uses Assyst technology to increase profitability. Bogner uses macros, for example, in the construction of linings, interlinings and wind guards. The uniform style statement and the knowledge of the Bogner designers are also safeguarded at the same time.

Cad.Assyst/Smart Pattern in development and production

Your designs and cuts are the fundamental capital of your company. With us, you can develop this capital efficiently and automate routine tasks ― especially when deadlines are looming. Our solutions offer you a wide range of practice-oriented functions for every requirement, no matter how complex. And your CAD data is available throughout the development process and beyond. Automarker takes over predefined laying rules, for instance. Open cut piece data and workflows are also integrated via PLM GoLive, even into product data management.


You can expect

increased productivity, compact knowledge

  • highly-efficient pattern construction
  • uniform standards and routine task relief
  • quality improvements and shorter processing time – with CAD data in the Cloud
  • Time savings due to automation
  • Efficiency increase with 3D impulses in CAD
  • decentralized access to centralized CAD files
  • CAD pattern data to be available throughout the entire development process
  • to change the pattern with one mouse click
  • pattern design with consistent work methodology
  • CAD management and remote access
  • the safeguarding of knowledge which is vital in order to remain competitive


Functional highlights

Cut piece maintenance of the highest class

  • NEW: 3D Grading – grading in Cad.Assyst with 3D bodies
  • NEW: Smart.Filter – Management of all variations in one cut pieace
  • NEW: Smart.Texture – patterns, colour and texture directly in your Cad.Assyst pattern and your Lay.Assyst markers
  • NEW: Perfect conversion of investronica files to Cad.Assyst
  • NEW: CAD data in the Cloud – worldwide access, easy connection with partners and colleagues
  • Smart.Guide with constraint technology and context-sensitive menus
  • Dynamic Frame for managing and searching e.g. for Smart Pattern macros
  • Smart Label technology for naming pattern elements e.g. sewing-compatible placement
  • Smart Measure: Definition of measuring distances with automatic updating
  • Core functions for new and experienced users: Hot Keys, magnetism, labeling
  • Fast adaptation of basic patterns with consistent quality and secure dimensional accuracy ‑ automated or manual
  • Comprehensive basic pattern library by Müller & Sohn
  • Predefined and company-specific macros and sizetables
  • New: Acquisition of Investronica exp files; Export to Gerber Accumark (R7/R8 in preparation)
  • Upgrades and support with easy-2-install


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Phone: +49 (0)89 90505 0

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