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Save on material, not quality

Material savings really pay - especially before purchasing takes place. So it’s a good thing to know your actual fabric consumption as early and as accurately as possible - without having to guess. With Autocost, you know instantly how much a finished part, model, product line, or the entire collection will cost when produced in line with your vision of quality. The benefits of this data transparency extend far beyond the current collection: You will gradually gain additional, in-depth knowledge and you’ll have solid and valuable experience in material consumption, costs and your material usage optimization options.

Rofa Fashion Group: How can we link service quality and efficiency?

The Rofa Fashion Group uses Automarker and Autocost to optimize materials usage and cycle times in work planning. Today the company uses around 10% less material per year. In this way, Rofa produces around 250 versions of a blazer per season, offers their customers a fair price and still succeeds in remaining profitable. Thanks to job planning on the Internet, Rofa employees can also work much faster, respond flexibly to alteration requests (like the sizes key) and eliminate almost all errors as well.

Autocost in the production process

Autocost stands for preliminary costing with realistic data. Our system goes into action early ‑ as soon as a production order or a production-ready style is available. You can predict fabric consumption, optimally schedule jobs and pass them to your partner - all online. You can not only take current markers from Automarker into account, but you can also incorporate the weighting of sizes, material attributes and production environment into your calculations. Information is also taken straight from your merchandise management system for the production order and the marker.

 Autocost is a service at

You can expect

an exact material consumption forecast, even before purchasing and materials planning take place…

  • the inclusion of all versions
  • a seamless digital process in job order planning
  • sustainable costs optimization, thanks to strategic planning and a transparent basis for information
  • time savings in job order planning
  • to avoid errors thanks to centralized data storage and communication with partners
  • to promote cost consciousness in the company
  • no investment in hardware or software
  • close links with Cad.Assyst, Automarker and common ERP systems

Functional highlights

Determining the best use of material

  • Cost parameters: material, setup time, cutting time (manual/cutter), labor costs
  • NEW! Precalculation based on sales curve
  • Detailed order breakdown, e.g. by fabric width or colors
  • New evaluation options e.g. by order, material, styles, average material consumption by product group
  • Flexible definition of new query parameters
  • Optimization algorithms
  • Advanced multi-style support
  • A comparison of laying scenarios
  • NEW! Fabric batch planning/Creation of remainder orders
  • NEW! Planning of trims
  • NEW! Knitware: Configuration and issuing of material requirements in weight
  • Integration of your production partners
  • Automarker carries out automatic marker calculation in the background
  • Smart Marker with Autocost: Pay once for marker making, then recalculate for free


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