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Have your marker laying done for you

In marker laying, chart the final course for the economic success of your products. And not only in fabric consumption, but also through efficiency. With Automarker you can quickly create high-quality markers and manage and convert your data. And it’s all done automatically, with no waiting times and always with the same impeccable quality.

Rofa: How can we link service quality and efficiency?

The Rofa Fashion Group uses Automarker and Autocost to optimize cycle times in work planning, materials usage and order communication across several different sites. The result is perfect service and the best possible quality despite the large number of variants, which can number around 250 per season for a blazer.

Automarker in the production process

With Automarker, you can simultaneously create any number of markers. And thanks to the rubber band function, complexity is a thing of the past. While others are still waiting, your data can be already converted and exchanged with other CAD systems for pattern pieces, markers and plot files - or you can control various plotters and cutters. You can then communicate your production orders directly to your partner, making you completely flexible and system-independent. And you also have different languages available: Chinese, English, German, Italian and Hungarian.

Automarker is a service at

You can expect

efficiency and speed, a minimal number of clippings

  • the best standard of efficiency and quality in marker laying
  • to create as many markers as you like in parallel - no waiting
  • material savings thanks to correct laying - now up to 2% more
  • shorter flow times
  • results which can always be reproduced
  • cost optimization and time savings in marker creation
  • to communicate your production orders directly to your partner, making you completely flexible and system-independent.
  • multilingual: Chinese, English, German, Italian, Hungarian
  • the integration of various plotters and cutters
  • no investment in hardware or software

Functional highlights

Structured laying on-demand with Rubberband

  • Rubber Band for complex repeats
  • NEW! Avoidance of color variations
  • NEW! Dynamic fusing block: combination of pattern pieces with interlining material
  • Definition of quality zones
  • Bundle per bundle
  • Disaggregation and common-lining
  • Splice marks
  • Flexible allocation of attributes
  • NEW! Tubular fabrics
  • NEW! Dynamic Gap: congruent contours are placed with no gap
  • Marker laying with "pieces" data
  • Communication with partners
  • Marker conversion
  • TakeTheBest: Calculation of the same data set with different marker widths
  • NEU! Placement rules for needle table
  • Copying of markers
  • Crotch gusset separation


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