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The company that calculates for all eventualities will save the most

Lago determines the optimum ratio between the actual material and labor costs involved in the cutting of each collection piece. The Lago results are marker requirements for the CAD system and laying instructions for cutting ― and these all flow directly into the control programs. Lago is a stationary, Windows-based system.

Lago in the production process

Lago not only takes material consumption into consideration, it also takes into account the resources needed for cutting, or for the sorting of the planned garment. To this end, our Cut Order Planning System can also be integrated with all CAD and ERP systems. From the outset, the system works seamlessly with Automarker and Cad.Assyst. Sophisticated bale optimization is even possible together with BOS, our ERP system. Default parameters represent the company’s internal standards. Take the laying method, for example ― open, folded open or folded double. From these values, Lago then calculates the optimal size allocations per marker. This software shows the cost relationship between the use of materials and the use of markers and identifies the ideal cost-expense situation.

You can expect

material consumption and resources to go hand-in-hand

  • compliance with quality and budget frameworks
  • to save 1%-7% of the value of the merchandise used
  • optimal profitability in multi-sized markers
  • ideal planning for cutting allocation
  • the actual material consumption figures for both pre-calculation and post-calculation
  • continuity in management guidelines, e.g. in laying parameters and cutting capacity
  • to exclude manual errors
  • a seamless data and workflow transfer to Automarker, Cad.Assyst and BOS
  • to save a further 2% by optimizing bales (in combination with BOS)

Functional highlights

Stationary system for your production

  • Inclusion of all the relevant data of a production order ― mechanical and material properties, order data, material costs, labor and machinery operating costs
  • Bale optimization (in combination with BOS)
  • Integration with Automarker
  • Transfer of orders (outward processing/purchase of finished goods) to partner
  • Data exchange with all CAD/ERP systems, laying machines and bale ‘paternosters’
  • Setting up of individual company parameters ― open, folded open or folded double
  • Open standard: Connection to all CAD or ERP systems


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