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Personal comfort is important. In the case of workwear and uniforms, however, standardized style and safety are also main factors. The main issue for companies and organizations today is to provide the right items of apparel, at the right time and in the right place ― and of course in the right size. It’s for tasks like this that Human Solutions created Xfit Army. It makes seamless CIRP processes (Clothing Issuing Resource Planning) possible. Our system automatically determines body dimensions and allocates the correct apparel size to each person.

The product in the logistics process

Xfit Army enables the simple and exact estimation of the items of apparel required, making warehouse surpluses visible ― and consequently avoidable. Thanks to the transition process, military personnel can now receive optimally-fitting uniforms in the right sizes ― anywhere and at any time. Items of apparel in as many sizes and styles as possible need no longer be stored for the outfitting process, only what is actually needed.

The system consists of two modules ― the central Xfit Army Central Scan Server and the stationary Xfit Army Station Client Pro.

You can expect

transparent and efficient apparel logistics

  • automated body measurement
  • the automated allocation of relevant garment sizes
  • the integration of rules for apparel items and correct size & fit
  • objective size & fit insights
  • the expansion of size & fit knowledge for future planning
  • a reduction in the effort involved in having the correct apparel on hand in the warehouse
  • a significant reduction of the timeframe and personnel costs involved


Functional highlights

Seamless size fitting and logistics processes

  • Comprehensive management of scan data
  • Catalogs of individual items of clothing
  • Graphical analysis
  • Reports
  • System configuration
  • Centralized workflow processes
  • Registration of each person’s data
  • Automated scanning procedure
  • Acquisition of body dimensions
  • Allocation of clothing sizes
  • Printout of sizes allocation table
  • Integration of rules for items of clothing and correct size & fit
  • Automated data transfer
  • Integration with existing IT systems, such as warehousing systems and ordering and procurement databases



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