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All-important precision

Your product know-how is your company’s main asset. With Assyst, you can develop and manage your products precisely and efficiently, especially when deadlines are looming.

Koinor: How can we create one-offs and still be as efficient as possible at the same time?

Thanks to Assyst technology, Koinor supports a wide range of design variants and its zero-error strategy ― data is seamlessly available all the way to the cutter, for instance.

Cad.Assyst in development and production

Our solutions offer you a wide range of practice-oriented functions to help you work effectively and precisely. With our technologies, you’ll cover all the steps in the value-added chain, from design to output to a variety of cutters from the widest range of manufacturers ― from a single-ply cutter to the water jet cutter.

You can expect

perfect support in design and construction

  • enhanced quality
  • fewer errors
  • the automation and simplification of routine tasks
  • construction in a predefined context for product brands or clients

High-tech functions

The optimal interaction of 3D and 2D

  • A module for 3D designs - and direct conversion in 2D with the 3D/2D module
  • The definition of leather quality zones for the direct transfer from the programs of the leather cutter
  • Core functions for new and experienced users alike: hot keys, magnetism, labeling
  • Optimal management of CAD drafts and pieces thanks to database support
  • Precise documentation of product variants e.g. in the life cycle of a vehicle or upholstered furniture
  • Time-consuming draft alterations can be carried out with one mouse click, based on standard procedures or on customer-specific macros
  • Fast, automated or manual adjustment of basic blocks ― with consistent quality
  • The Easy.Marker function module gives you the fast creation of markers for prototypes or initial pre-calculations


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