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Optimal material usage ― efficient and fast

The laying of markers is a significant factor, one which is vital for the economic success of a product. Assyst offers you a high optimization ratio for reducing the number of clippings. And depending on your requirements, you can lay your markers either manually or by means of an automated process.

Koinor: How can we create one-offs and be as efficient as possible at the same time?

Thanks to Assyst technology, Koinor supports a wide range of design variants and its zero-error strategy. Data is seamlessly available all the way to the cutter.

Automarker und Lay.Assyst in development and production

However, mere laying efficiency isn’t everything ― product quality is also important. And in our sector, product quality is affected by material properties, color changes and the continuity of patterns in repeat fabrics. We will support you in your efforts to keep your quality as high as possible and reduce fabric clippings to a minimum.

Our laying solutions possess a very high level of market penetration. Several million markers have been calculated on since 2000. And Lay.Assyst has been firmly established on the market for many years as a local solution.

You can expect

savings that really count

  • the best standard of efficiency and speed in marker laying
  • easily reproducible results ― even for alterations
  • a consistent laying process with constant quality ― even if processed by different persons

High-tech functions

Precise laying even under the pressure of deadlines

  • Manual markers on site
  • Placing of visible parts by hand supplemented by the automatic positioning of small pieces
  • Automated markers via Internet
  • Optimization of existing markers
  • Loosening and common-lining for optimized cutting paths and small pieces distributed over the marker
  • Data conversion and exchange with other CAD systems for cut pieces, arts, markers and plot files
  • Multiprocessing: parallel creation of any number of markers
  • Short-term coverage of peak requirements
  • Calculation of the same data set with different marker widths
  • Copying of markers
  • Manufacturer-independent control of peripheral devices


Assyst GmbH
Phone: +49 (0)89 90505 0

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