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The intelligent sewing plan

Well thought-out planning, from the first sketch right through to production is like cash in the hand. The centralized consolidation of costs, procedural steps and CAD model enables you to considerably increase efficiency and quality in your product development.

Koinor: How can we create one-offs and be as efficient as possible at the same time?

Thanks to Assyst technology, Koinor supports a wide range of design variants and its zero-error strategy. Data is seamlessly available all the way to the cutter.

With Assyst, your designs will become effectively transparent. You will benefit from exploded drawings with exact work instructions. Using a comprehensive library with intelligent symbols for the various steps and/or seams, you can take a simple sewing plan and convert it into an evaluable “GPS map” of your item of furniture, with comprehensive background information.

Plan.Assyst in development and production

Plan.Assyst offers you a solidly based foundation for your sewing planning and preliminary costing. Assyst’s intelligent sewing plan evaluates all integrated procedural steps, offering you an overview of your actual costs and time expenditure. This means that you can safeguard processing procedures, transparent production planning and high quality ― even when transferring sewing or upholstery work to a partner.

You can expect

an overview of costs and models

  • better pre-calculation
  • an overview of the actual costs and time expenditure
  • alterations during the creation process to be traced immediately
  • a secure planning process
  • consistent quality processing even when carried out by different persons

High-tech functions

Transparent designs

  • Creation of exploded drawings based on CAD data
  • A comprehensive library with intelligent symbols for procedural steps, including predefined time and costs expenditure
  • Upon request: the development of company-specific symbols or symbol libraries
  • Integration of individual work instructions
  • Integration of specific sewing types
  • Transfer of modifications in CAD in accordance with Plan.Assyst
  • Evaluation of the total time and costs expenditure.


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