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Human Solutions CONSULTING & SERVICES will help you to significantly improve size & fit, quality assurance and cost structures in the development of your collections.

Basing its know-how on soundly established body dimension databases and ultra-modern technology, an experienced team of experts from Human Solutions will help you to define interesting market segments both domestically and abroad, optimize ready-made tables and even point the way to new and interesting target groups for your collections.


Typical problem areas are:

  • optimal quality of size & fit for the target group
  • acquisition of ideal markets abroad
  • improvements in your own company’s ready-made tables
  • reduction of the size & fit-related returns rate


Human Solutions guarantees you fast and uncomplicated cooperation ― plus the flexible setup of additional competence in your company, based on solid, down-to-earth solution finding.

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    Develop, coordinate, optimize – 3D pays.
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    Pattern data in the Fashion Cloud ... here’s how it works.
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