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Your ticket to trouble-free IT support

We offer you an ITIL-compliant, personal support system ― one which ensures the fastest possible troubleshooting for all of our products.

The minute your telephone call or e-mail arrives at our Central Support Desk, the urgency and the type of support case are identified by means of a check list. In the case of frequently asked questions, our Service Desk staff will help you ― fast and hassle-free.

If your problem can only be solved with technical support, a ‘ticket’ is written identifying your support task and you will be quickly contacted by the appropriate Support Unit. The maximum reaction time depends on the level of urgency. Problem-solving then takes place via telephone and remote maintenance. For support cases that can only be remedied on site, our highly-qualified field team is always ready to move into action. We also store spare parts for all plotters, PCs and Unix workstations ordered from Assyst, Human Solutions or AVM.

For our customers with maintenance agreements ― we offer a “health check” for your Human Solutions Group systems, preventing system crashes normally caused by wear & tear or wrongly-made settings.

Please note: We process your queries as fast as we possibly can, in accordance with the level of urgency involved. Customers with maintenance agreements receive preferred treatment, since they are guaranteed a specific service level if bottlenecks occur. Our maintenance agreements are individually matched to suit your requirements, e.g. the level of customer care you require, our reaction times and support availability (up to 24/7). With contractually-guaranteed support, you will also profit from regular software updates.

The companies of the Human Solutions Group only take on support cases which involve their own software or hardware. For a detailed description of our support cases, and the scope of performance of our maintenance agreements, please e-mail

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    Develop, coordinate, optimize – 3D pays.
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    Pattern data in the Fashion Cloud ... here’s how it works.
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    This is what the industry is doing with the new fashion technology.

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