The right collection at the right time

Workflow times will be at least halved over the next few years ― with an increased number of product variations. This requires maximum reliability and flexibility from all those involved. To achieve this, we can help you make one closely networked and finely-tuned process out of many work steps, with the focus on reduced time, enhanced quality and less costs.

Successful apparel production is closely linked with technology ― but only if companies can keep all their options open. This includes increased productivity in pattern construction, for example, through common workflows and automation, and with the integration of all the relevant body dimensions of the customer. These optimal ‘data dynamics’ pay off, not only in collection development, but in increased efficiency from sales all the way to production.


Save time and costs with 3D ― the human being, the pattern and the fabric come together ― in the computer.


Whom does the cut piece fit? Now good size & fit and market success go hand-in-hand.

SizeGERMANY fashion manikins

This is your customer.
The first fashion manikin
with a precise size & fit and
top-drawer functionality.


Pattern construction with an efficiency bonus ― a proven technology shows what it can do.



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