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More room for optimal planning

Fabric is expensive ― so savings on material have the greatest impact on costs and quality. Your financial planning can only be effective if not too much fabric is used, but not too little either ― and if the necessary work steps are planned in the best possible way.

Our systems help you to make calculations transparent ― and to optimally prepare orders and communicate them right to your partner. Here we rely on on-demand systems which keep your investment low and productivity high. Our stationary programs are used where there is little infrastructure or where the priority is getting markers for patterns... fast. No matter what you’re looking for, our systems not only have a whole vista of functionalities, they also possess an ultra-high level of competence in marker making and cut order planning. More than two million placement jobs in Automarker are telling us that we must be on the right track!


Structured laying… as much as you want ― our software service will save you time and computer capacity.


Fabric consumption in every ply ― optimal consumption calculation for all sizes and locations.