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Growth impetus at the point of sale

Trade and production have completely different concepts. When you combine their data seamlessly, however, enormous added value is created ― because wearer and product come together on site... virtually.

If product data is available at the point of sale, order and manufacture can be directly linked to one another. And if this information is combined with the body dimensions, the customer can try on models in the store on screen ― even if the apparel is not in stock or not yet manufactured. That saves time and warehousing costs. The core of these innovation concepts are 3D bodyscanner solutions which measure the future buyer and make him available in the computer in the form of a scanatar.


An impulse for innovation ― data in 3D make the difference in retailing.


From the point of sale straight to production ― customized clothing production and industrial processes merged into one system.


Limitless measurement ― the system that makes any survey or study rewarding.

Virtueller Spiegel

A screen instead of a changing cubicle ― the impact you can have with your product information at the point-of-sale.