RAMSIS User Conference 2015

Autonomous driving is creating a major stir in the automotive industry, and the topics that will be discussed at the RAMSIS USER CONFERENCE on 22 and 23 September 2015 are what can be achieved with this technology today, to what extent the ergonomics of the vehicle interior are affected, what is the potential contribution from RAMSIS and where autonomous driving is taking us. Our speakers will also present their current projects with RAMSIS, and Human Solutions will introduce the latest developments involving the ergonomics tool.

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Know your sizes, America! Human Solutions launches the first comprehensive anthropometric survey, considering both the United States and Canada

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3D with Reality Plus
This is how 3D simulation should be – with photorealistic quality, color management and background worlds integrated in PLM and the Cloud.

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Fashion & Interiors

High-tech CAD, PLM & ERP

Apparel manufacturers want to cut their processing times in half. Their quality requirements, however, remain unchanged. To achieve this in the special sector of Fashion, the Human Solutions Group ― comprised of Assyst, AVM and Human Solutions ― offers a seamless technology environment with many extras.


High-tech Ergonomics

Vehicles must be comfortable and safe ― no matter who the driver or passenger is. And this is why the ergonomics software RAMSIS ensures optimal, standardized interior design in the Mobility sector, integrating seamlessly into (global) product development


Successful products

Customer and market-driven products are the goal ― and the route taken to achieve that goal must be constantly shortened, making processes increasingly faster and more cost-efficient. This is only possible with technology that can be seamlessly integrated into your processes. And this is the core competence of the Human Solutions Group.

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