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"ARTIVIDUUM – Mode nach Maß" (Measured Fashion) opts for the mass-produced customized clothing program by Human Solutions

Tailored and mass-produced customized clothing now also available in the Kurfürstenstraße in Frankfurt am Main, Germany! Customized apparel for ladies and gentlemen.

Kaiserslautern, 19th March, 2007 – Human Solutions GmbH of Kaiserslautern, Germany, is now well represented on yet another fashion retailer's premises - by the 3D body scanner and RETAILOR SHOP 3D software solution. The ARTIVIDUUM label recently commenced offering fashion for ladies and gentlemen in Frankfurt, the German metropolis on the Main river.

In February 2007, owner Verica Hauch opened the doors to her new exclusive fashion house in the Kurfürstenstraße. She opted exclusively for tailored and mass-produced customized clothing right from the start and in keeping with her slogan, "Be your own designer", customers can actively participate in the design of their own clothing. This approach has already proved itself in numerous stores in Germany and Switzerland: A 3D body scanner takes customers' measurements digitally, in a lightning-fast and accurate procedure. During the sales talk, the RETAILOR program provides comprehensive support for the professional sales person and also helps the customer with his or her decisions – from the basic questions like which cloth or cut to details like the choice of buttons. All data is transmitted online to the available manufacturer of the customer’s choice. The garments are then made and delivered within four weeks.

Verica Hauch, commenting on her decision to opt for the Human Solution program said, “Each person has a unique body. That's why apparel should be made to fit each individual person and not vice-versa. Clothing that fits perfectly makes us feel that we look good and that in turn increases our self-assurance. I decided on ARTIVIDUUM for tailored and mass-produced customized clothing simply because it enables me to offer garments with an optimum fit at a comparably economical price. The initial feedback has already shown me that my offer, which is unique in Frankfurt, is being very well received indeed."


Contact at ARTIVIDUUM:

Verica Hauch

Shop: Kurfürstenstraße 3

60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Human Solutions GmbH

Human Solutions GmbH is a global software and system house with around 70 employees in Kaiserslautern, Germany and Detroit, USA. The company develops and sells hardware and software solutions for body scanning, ergonomics and simulation applications. Human Solution's customer list has over 300 names at the time of writing - these include well-known companies like DaimlerChrysler, BMW, Volkswagen, Airbus Industries and the US and Swiss Armies, plus retailers like the chain stores Karstadt and Kaufhof, fashion houses like Hirmer und Engelhorn, apparel manufacturers such as Odermark, Scabal, van Laack and many, many more.

Our performance spectrum - Ergonomics, Simulation and Body Scanning

Automotive industry

For the past 20 years, Human Solutions has been creating solutions for the simulation of human beings and the electronic acquisition of their measurement data. Over 70% of the world’s automotive manufacturers use the human model RAMSIS for the ergonomic calculation of movement sequences.

Further solutions:

  • RAMSIS Aircraft: ergonomic design of cockpits and passenger cabins, plus simulation of maintenance and repair work.

  • RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles: construction of vehicle drivers' cabs as well as simulation of maintenance work for heavy machinery, excavators and construction machinery

  • Electronic Belt Fit Test Device (eBTD): simulation of the seat belt during a trip, the effects of belt routing during an accident and user convenience during buckling and unbuckling procedures.

Apparel industry

RETAILOR is a worldwide, unique data platform created to sell high quality tailored menswear and ladies' wear through the retail trade. This innovative system links automated body measurement (using a 3D Body Scanner) with computer-supported product selection and immediate order dispatch - simply yet powerfully.

Further solutions:

  • XFIT ARMY: reduced warehousing costs for armed forces and uniformed personnel thanks to the economic determination of requirements

  • XFIT FASHION: individual determination of sizes for the mail order trade, online shops and corporate fashion

  • INTAILOR: tailored clothing production with manufacturer-oriented, vertical concept

  • ANTHROSCAN: the complete solution for serial measurements

  • FIGURA: the individual fashion manikin for perfect size & fit in collection development

Press Contact:

Human Solutions GmbH

Alexandra Lang

Europaallee 10

67657 Kaiserslautern

Tel. 49 (0)631-303 5600

Fax. 49 (0)631-303 5700

Press Contact

Eva Fröhlich
Phone: +49 (0)631 343 593 73