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Cut flow times in half ― flexibility in merchandise management.

Good service requires perfect foresight and the flexibility to respond to customer needs. AVM achieves this through integrated management systems.

With its core products BOS (ERP), SAM (Mobile Order Entry) and Lago (marker making/cut order planning), the company offers seamless support of the production process, but with a unique functional depth.

One particularly unique feature is the addition of CAD and PLM by Assyst, together with the ProductFit technology by Human Solutions. The companies of the Human Solutions Group offer apparel manufacturers end-to-end solutions which integrate CAD, PLM and ERP seamlessly. This ensures that all your data, from collection planning to shipping is always available, considerably reducing IT costs. Where outward processing and the purchase of finished goods are involved, this enables manufacturers to realize market and customer-oriented products, to respond quickly to trends and to significantly reduce their flow times, in spite of ever-increasing numbers of variants.

Our focal themes

  • Mobile Order Entry
  • ERP
  • Retail Management
  • Order optimization (local system)

Our highlights 

  • The first integrated system for mobile order entry
  • A subsidiary of the Human Solutions GmbH since 2011
  • CEO: Dr. Andreas Seidl
  • Headquarters: Kaiserslautern


AVM Solutions GmbH
Tel.: +49 (0)631 343590 0