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Review - Successful conclusion to the MyNet joint research project

Information and Communications platform developed for manufacturers, retailers and suppliers in the apparel industry. Presentation of the results took place on the 11th of May at the Human Solutions headquarters in Kaiserslautern, Germany

Kaiserslautern 1st June 2005 – The Human Solutions Company had sent out invitations for a concluding presentation ceremony in Kaiserslautern during which the MyNet project partners presented the results of the three-year research project on the 11th of May 2005. More than 40 participants – retailers, manufacturers and suppliers in the garment sector – took the opportunity to get first-hand information on the development of a new information and communications platform.

At the concluding event all the project partners lectured about their particular project work. In the afternoon, the participants then saw theory being transformed into practice at various workstations. At the end of the event, the focus was on the experiences of the industry partners. The upshot of the day's events was that during the three-year project phase, MyNet had enabled the creation of a continuous networking of the customer-retailer-supplier-producer chain in the customized clothing production sector. The objective - to significantly reduce delivery times - was attained.

In the next phase, the project results will be implemented on a wider front. To this end, an industrial committee to coordinate further developments will be formed in the autumn of 2005. Several companies have already registered for participation.

The project partners and their lectures:

  • Anke Rissiek, Human Solutions, presented the approaches and the content of the MyNet research project and acted as moderator for the event.

  • Dr. Arne Simon, BMBF (German Ministry of Education and Research) reported on the framework of the "Research today for the production of tomorrow" concept, within which MyNet was promoted.

  • Simone Derzenbach from BPI Hohenstein presented the methodic fundamentals and results of the process optimization carried out in MyNet.

  • Thomas Langhammer of the University of Bremen, Germany focused his speech on the impact of the developed product data model for clothing, in which all data necessary for the value-added chain or the entire product life cycle of clothing is stored.

  • Dr. Rainer Trieb presented the MyNet information and communications platform by Human Solutions and showed its implementation into the individual components using the MyNet Shop as an example.

  • Dr. Ebbo Tücking explained how the project results of MyNet are enabling the further expansion of the trading activities of the Cove company.

  • Wolfgang Seebauer of Odermark spoke about the excellent time saving and the greater degree of planning security achieved by the retailer to end user chain - thanks to MyNet.

  • Annette Schrittenloher introduced the internal sequence optimization of the manufacturing process at Rieder Moden - a process which up to now has been handcraft-oriented.

  • Andreas Schmitz, Managing Director and Joint Partner of the towel factory Willy Schmitz, presented the project results from a textile supplier's standpoint, focusing on the outward impact of the competent availability representation of his textiles.

  • Christine Ax of the Institute for Product-Life presented the results of the economical analysis carried out in MyNet. Here, based on the new process structures, definite time savings were made for each individual step of the delivery chain during operation.

From theory to practice

Demonstration of the results on various workstations:

  • Shop: Product configuration, customer administration, query on fabric availability, order administration, electronic management, query on production status, trying-on/customer feedback using the example of the Odermark and Rieder ranges

  • Manufacturers: Creation of product catalog

  • Portal: Centralized information management

  • Integration of CAD cut construction: using Rieder as an example

  • System architecture and integration: Product data model, setup of the interfaces, integration of the in-house systems, system architecture

The concluding report on the research project will be available in the autumn of 2005. The report and the event documentation are available from Human Solutions. The data is also available for download at http://www.mynet-project.

You'll find more information about objectives and project progress at http://www.mynet-project.

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