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The country needs new dimensions

Serial measurement in the Galleria Mediterraneo in Salerno

Milan — “Measurements for science” is the message passers-by, visitors and interested persons will see in the Galleria Mediterraneo in Salerno. The Italian series measurement survey SizeITALY will be calling the Galleria home from 10 January thru 01 February 2013 — accompanied by a modern 3D scanner. Measurements will be taken Mondays thru Saturdays, from 09.30 to 20.00. The serial measurement survey will be sponsored by leading Italian apparel companies such as Yamamai and Patrizia Pepe. Volunteers can sign up via the contact information below or just come along whenever they want.

“We are very proud that we will be using modern technology to carry out Italy’s first serial measurement survey. Participation and enthusiasm levels on all the sites are very high. This amount of support by the Italian consumers demonstrates the urgent need to optimize the size & fit of apparel — and our measurement data are the basis for this,” says Peter Stampfli, CEO of Sistemi Assyst srl.

Active consumer participation

SizeITALY goes down well with the Italians: Almost 2500 test persons have been measured at six sites in only five months — and by the end of 2013, a total of 6000 men, women and children throughout Italy will have been scanned.

How the serial measurement survey works

Everyone who participates in the serial measurement survey is helping to optimize the size & fit of apparel in Italy — because only current measurements enable manufacturers and retailers to produce perfectly-fitting garments that can fit the multifaceted proportions of the human body. In scanning technology, a laser beam scans the surface of the body from head to toe in just a few seconds. The acquired body dimension data is then transferred to a computer where special software is used to statistically evaluate it. This means that the measurement procedure is much faster and more agreeable for the test persons — and you can take a lot more individual measurements with a laser beam than you could take with a measuring tape in the ‘good old days’!

Further information

The serial measurement survey will be carried out by Sistemi Assyst srl. Call +39 02 93769220 or visit the website at for more detailed information and for individual or group appointments for measurement in the Galleria Mediterraneo in Salerno.


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