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Human Solutions GmbH finalizes cooperation with Swisstex

Yet another partner for the RETAILOR platform: Swiss textile manufacturer will use RETAILOR software solution

Zofingen (CH), Kaiserslautern, (Germany), 13th July 04 – Human Solutions GmbH of Kaiserslautern has gained yet another well-known partner: The Swisstex Group is one of the most successful textile manufacturers in Switzerland. Using the brand name Individual Tailoring, this tradition-conscious company produces customized menswear and ladies’ wear ranging from suits to ladies' costumes. In order to optimize the entire production process, Swisstex will in future be using the RETAILOR clothing solution by Human Solutions.

This cooperation adds another notable manufacturer of men's and ladies' outer garments to Human Solution’s list of distinguished partners that includes houses like Odermark, van Laack, Europex and Windsor.

The RETAILOR platform - an overview

RETAILOR is a new software solution for the uncomplicated sales of customized ladies' and menswear. With this unique solution, retailers can for the first time link automated body measurement, computer-supported product selection, integrated finishing and immediate order dispatch with a minimum amount of effort.

As well as providing a high level of customer satisfaction thanks to perfectly-fitting garments, individualized designs and products of the highest quality, RETAILOR also offers you, the vendor, several unseen advantages – you no longer have to tie up your capital in collections, reduce prices or have the extra costs of unnecessary warehousing. At the same time, manufacturers can reduce their product risk and are thus free to focus dynamically on customer needs and to optimize their processing/manufacturing units.

The Swisstex collection

The Individual Tailoring Collection by Swisstex offers individual clothing at off-the-peg prices – from an elegant Malange wool suit or that 'just-right' cashmere overcoat to the trendiest outfit. The customer can choose from a range of over 650 different fabrics, from Cerutti to Loro Piana, from Dormeuil to Zegna. This diversity in fabrics can be combined with a wide selection of styles and cuts, with the result that the customer will almost always get exactly what he wants, from traditional three-button suits all the way to the avant-garde, shape-accenting fashion look. Special customer requests like, for example, hand-stitched lapels, button-up sleeves, special inside lining colors and safety pockets with zips pose no problems for Swisstex.

Swisstex Group

The Swisstex Group is one of the most successful Swiss textile manufacturers in the men’s outerwear segment. Founded in 2000, the Swisstex Group of Companies produces well over 100,000 suits annually and in 2002 recorded sales of almost 20 million Swiss francs. Important factors contributing to the group’s success are its strongly-placed brands (Ritex) and the fact that it focuses on the customized clothing production and corporate fashion segments. Swisstex opts for tradition, and has been producing RITEX suits since 1919. In contrast to the general trend, Swisstex production is actually carried out in Switzerland. Over 130 dedicated employees in the company main plant Zofingen (in the state of Aarau) and in the Novazzano works (in the state of Tessin) help contribute to the group's success. For further information, please go to

Human Solutions GmbH

Human Solutions GmbH is a global software and system house with around 75 employees in Kaiserslautern, Germany and Detroit, USA. The company develops and sells hardware and software solutions for body scanning, ergonomics and simulation applications. Human Solutions GmbH has over 300 customers, including famous names like DaimlerChrysler, BMW, Volkswagen, Airbus Industries, the German Federal Army, Karstadt and C & A of Hamburg, windsor, van Laack and many more.

Our Performance Spectrum: Ergonomics, Simulation & Body Scanning

For the past 15 years, Human Solutions has offered solutions for the capture of the electronic measurement data and the simulation of human beings. Over 70% of all automotive manufacturers worldwide use the human model RAMSIS for the ergonomic calculation of movement sequences.

RETAILOR is a worldwide, unique data platform created to sell high quality menswear and ladies' wear through the retail trade. This innovative system links automated body measurement (using a 3D Body Scanner) with computer-supported product selection and immediate order dispatch - simply yet powerfully. Since the effort of cutting individual made-to-measure clothing no longer exists, the retail trade can offer customized clothing from renowned manufacturers at ready-made prices.

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