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The companies of the Human Solutions Group have set important milestones in their markets. And they will also shape product development in the Fashion and Mobility sectors of the future ― to your exact requirements.

Since 2011, all businesses and product lines of the Human Solutions Group have acted as a single entity ― one individual brand. This enables us to increasingly exploit synergies in our skills and advance the synchronous development of our products. See what this means for you...


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This is what market competence looks like. These people shape the Human Solutions Group.


First innovation, then day-to-day routine. Technology is making history.

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Fashion in 3D – young designers show what they can do

Today’s fashion is usually created digitally on computers. Anyone who decides on a profession that involves the creation of clothing... 


For the most realistic simulation of apparel: Assyst and X-Rite Pantone announce cooperation

3D is the key technology for the digitalization in the apparel industry – the simulation of clothing offers a lot of opportunities.... 


RAMSIS as a soldier – ergonomically optimized interior design for military vehicles

A soldier must be able to move freely and react fast to all kinds of situations – despite bulky protective clothing and equipment.... 


Digitalization in use – Human Solutions optimizes the clothing process for the Luxembourg Army

Clothing plays a central role in armies – the uniform turns a civilian into a soldier. Together with the Luxembourg Army, Human...