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High-tech gets a profile. These people shape the Human Solutions Group.

Dr. Andreas Seidl

“Successful products fulfill market and customer requirements ― and our technologies are the key.”

Dr. Seidl instituted the Human Solutions GmbH leads it since 2002 and its subsidiaries.

Anton Preiss
Business Unit Mobility

“Ergonomics is our specialty. Now we’re opening up a whole new chapter ― with data quality and new functions in Ramsis, for instance.”

Anton Preiss has been responsible for sales with Human Solutions since 2002.

Michael Stöhr / Peter Kuhn (Acting Representative)
Business Unit Management Systems

“Data must actively create value in the processes of our customers ― automation, workflow and data management are merging with one another.”

The fashion sector is firmly in the hands of a strong team: Michael Stöhr has had a major influence on the technology of Human Solutions since the company was founded. He works together with industry expert Peter Kuhn.

In the Human Solutions Group, Kuhn focuses on the BOS ERP system and SAM, the software for mobile sales. Both Stöhr and Kuhn have been involved with the apparel manufacture market for many years now and have been responsible for extensive software projects.

Dr. Martin Lades / Peter Berninger (Acting Representative)
Business Unit Fashion Product Development

“Our goals are far-reaching: we intend to support fashion with a seamless process from development to the point of sale – 3D is a central issue here, as is software on demand.”

Martin Lades is just the man for innovation and extensive tasks. Together with Peter Berninger he is expanding our product portfolio for fashion. And these two certainly have the necessary skills ― for several years now, they have been deeply rooted in the technology and apparel industries ― and both have the far-seeing ambitions needed to anchor innovation firmly in the market.

Alexandra Seidl
Management Marketing

“We’ve come a long way. It is as a group, however, that the value of our products has multiplied.”

Alexandra Seidl has been responsible for the marketing of the Human Solutions Group since the company was founded ― and she has actively established the company’s name in the market.

Marion Uhlenbrock
Management Finance & Accounting

“The Human Solutions Group has ambitious plans. Our F&A processes are very efficient. We can make decisions fast, but competently.”

Over 10 years, Marion Uhlenbrock has ensured the stability of the Human Solutions Group ― her methods include optimized processes and transparency.

Nicole Wirth
Management Legal & Human Resources

“Human Solutions is a highly innovative company. This is solely due to our employees.”

Nicole Wirth secures the growth of the Human Solutions Group ― on the one hand, in the acquisition of subsidiaries, and on the other by recruiting new staff.

Dr. Rainer Trieb
Management Research & Development

“10% of our revenue goes into R&D projects. This enables us to offer real technical progress in our markets.”

Dr. Rainer Trieb is one of the leading experts on ergonomics and anthropometry. His technical visions are mainly driven by the requirements of our customers in mobility and fashion.

Peter Stampfli
Sistemi Assyst SRL

“Italy is the country with the best-known and most vital fashion tradition. Our customers complement their tailoring skills with our technology and are very successful as a result.”

Peter Stampfli represents the Human Solutions Group in Italy. His customers greatly appreciate him, not just because he is a true industry expert and a talented consultant ― he is also as a man of vision. His main goal is SizeITALY – a current Italian serial measurement program which uses 3D body scanners.

Michael van Genabith
Human Solutions North America
Human Solutions d/b/a assyst

“The U.S. automotive industry has trusted our products for a long time ― and now we’re breaking new ground for the U.S. fashion industry... with 3D, for instance.”

Michael van Genabith represents the Human Solutions Group in North America. An industry expert, he has proved just how extensive his knowledge and experience of ergonomics and anthropometry is ― especially with his successful sizing & fitting projects for the U.S. Army and his ergonomics studies for Ford and Freightliner.