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First innovation, then day-to-day routine. Technology is making history.

Human Solutions works closely with leading companies to reshape markets by means of modern technologies and through impressively convincing products.

The Human Solutions Group presents the first Vidya Award for the design and realization of models using CAD, 3D visualization and SizeGERMANY fashion manikins.

2 million laying orders with On-Demand markers

Human Solutions purchases AVM and becomes the first full-service provider for CAD, PLM and ERP in Fashion

Hands-on innovation: The 20.11 generation of the Human Solutions Group offers instant PLM, Vidya with draping, CAD management, the Virtual Mirror, the automatic adjustment of tables of sizes…

PLM GoLive is the first PLM system with a reference process

The iSize body dimension portal – with data from more than 100,000 test persons – revolutionizes ergonomics and size & fit optimization.

Human Solutions purchases Assyst

The Human Solutions group offers a globally unique product portfolio for improving the size & fit and quality of apparel.

SizeGERMANY: Human Solutions carries out the largest-ever German serial measurement program. Around 12,000 men, women and children were measured using 3D bodyscanners. Those involved in the SizeGERMANY project include leading automotive and apparel manufacturers.

RAMSIS Excellence Award: In the autumn of 2008, Human Solutions awards the first German prize for ergonomics in the vehicle to young scientists - encouraging practical research in the field of ergonomics.

RAMSIS is totally integrated into CATIA V5

First realistic simulation of human being, material and cut

Ergonomics prevails. Following the example of European car manufacturers, automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers in Asia now use RAMSIS for ergonomic design in their vehicles.

Engelhorn Mode (fashion) im Quadrat (Mannheim city center) sells individual tailoring - with a body scanner by Human Solutions.

The American branch office in Detroit is to be expanded.

Customized clothing at the push of a button with seamless processes - from the point-of-sale to production - is a success. The measurements are taken using 3D body scanners.

Human Solutions is an independent company from September 2002. Dr. Andreas Seidl is the Company CEO.