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Your strength ― customer and market-driven products

Our technology portfolio gives you competitive advantages in size & fit, comfort and safety. This is made possible by our core competence in Product Fit Technology.

With Product Fit Technology, we combine the process know-how in our sectors with body dimension data and methods from the fields of anthropometry, ergonomics, statistics, cutting technology, simulation, visualization and virtualization.

We implement this knowledge into technology to help you actively support your company-specific processes using data and workflows ― in Fashion, from product development to production or even all the way to the point-of-sale ― and in Mobility, from the concept to the product freeze and in specifications and vehicle interior design.

This enables you to considerably enhance the virtualization element in development and offer your customers a competitive price-performance ratio and ― depending on the sector involved ― the best possible size & fit, comfort and safety at the same time.