Comfort and safety in the green zone

Comfort and safety are closely interwoven with one another. The central working and living spaces of today are part of our transport environment. Movement sequences, ease of operation and comfort all play an important role economically ― and our technology will help you to make real progress in this respect.

A successful product can be optimally operated by most people. One precondition here is the direct integration of your target group’s accurate measurement data and simulation into the CAD data of your product. Thanks to the comprehensive functionality of our RAMSIS solutions, you can not only comply with regulations and standards before the first model freeze, you can also create the conditions for internationally successful products. Get an overview of everything you can do with RAMSIS.


Right the first time how to shorten the development process before the first mockup.

Industrial Vehicles

Gentle giants XXL machines, which can be handled properly.


New evolutionary step. The next RAMSIS generation establishes a pioneering impetus for greater efficiency in interior design.

Bus & Truck

Staying fresh with the right workplace, drivers stay fresh and alert longer.


Reality sells ― digital cockpit and cabin simulations for customers and partners.



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Know your sizes, America! Human Solutions launches the first comprehensive anthropometric survey, considering both the United States and Canada

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