Efficient interiors development ― without the need for improvement

The 3D CAD manikin RAMSIS is a highly accurate simulation software program for a wide range of design and construction analyses. Faster product maturity is only one of many benefits.

 VW: How do we make the ergonomics of our vehicles totally seamless?

The answer is… with a RAMSIS test collective containing hundreds of VW models. With RAMSIS, VW achieves standard ergonomics quality right through its vehicle range.


RAMSIS in the development process

Changes such as re-designs and new space-saving concepts cost time and money. With RAMSIS, you can make your development more cost-effective, considerably faster and much better too. It’s no wonder either, because RAMSIS technology is constantly being further developed in close cooperation with leading automotive industry companies.

RAMSIS addresses demands on ergonomics, comfort and safety as early as the planning stage. You have a virtually infinite number of attempts to find the optimal solution ― and you’ll need considerably fewer physical test benches, because RAMSIS is based on the world’s largest representative body dimension database and a sophisticated ergonomic simulation environment. This allows studies to be repeated as many times as you wish ― and always with exactly the same conditions. So you can design your vehicles in such a way that they comply exactly with DIN specifications, enabling any size of person to drive comfortably in every single one.

You can expect

ergonomics and efficiency

  • a reduction in development costs of more than 50%
  • a reduction in vehicle development timeframes by a factor of 3 to 5
  • detailed statistical knowledge about body dimensions and about entering and exiting the vehicle
  • realistic predictions about future space and operating conditions inside a vehicle
  • compliance with standards and the ensuring of ergonomic quality, like the best accessibility, for example, and the usability of all controls
  • a virtual, international test collective to represent human size differences
  • a comparison of various vehicle concepts with the same test collective
  • the simulation of driver’s posture and motion behavior based on ultra-modern research

Functional highlights

Market-leading technology

  • model structure (grid, shading and surface model, physiological joint simulation, H-point)
  • the world’s largest international anthropometric database 
  • automatic posture calculation
  • reach analysis
  • motion and force analyses
  • integration of standards (e.g. SAE)
  • the fast creation of human figures (manikins)
  • posture models: driver, passenger, standing posture
  • analysis of posture comfort in the car 
  • integration of SAE standards
  • automatic calculation of reach envelopes
  • direct visibility and mirror visibility analysis
  • various other analysis functions: body size, posture, distance, angle
  • calculation of the maximum postural force (hand-arm system)
  • calculation of belt routes
  • motion recorder
  • compatibility with 3D bodyscanners for the generation of an individual RAMSIS manikin


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