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Success story of mass-produced tailored apparel continues

RETAILOR by Human Solutions records rapid growth


In 2006, around 12,000 items of clothing were sold via RETAILOR, the platform for computer-supported customized clothing production. In 2005, the number was slightly more than 6,500, while in 2004 only around 2,000 garments were sold.

“We have experienced at first hand that retailers who see RETAILOR as a strategic part of their portfolio and actively use the customized clothing production program quickly show a marked improvement in their sales”, said Dr. Andreas Seidl, Managing Director of the Human Solutions GmbH.

RETAILOR enables the networking of clothing manufacturers and retailers by means of ultra-modern information and communications technologies - optimizing the process chain, from the ordering procedure all the way to delivery. High quality customized suits and shirts are thus created - at highly competitive prices.

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