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Digital is now!

Current fashion trends are changing fast and the demand for individualized products is rising – these are two of the challenges faced by apparel manufacturers today. The digitization of work steps is already in full swing and now is the time to exploit the benefits to the full – not in individual phases of product development, however, but throughout the entire process chain right down to the finished product.


Digitization is currently occupying the industry across all sectors. “Digital working is electrifying the fashion industry,” says Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of the Human Solutions Group. “There’s a heady feeling of sweeping change and optimism in the air. Conversations with our customers and partners are currently making it apparent that digitization is no longer being challenged and doubted – now companies are getting actively involved and blazing their own trails.”

Anyone who ensures from the outset that he sets up a system with a continuous flow of data will be able to accompany a product during its entire creation process, all the way to the POS.

However, the question is, where do you actually start to get into digital working – and how do you reap the benefits of working digitally during the different phases of a product and connect this to information in such a way as to create added value? The expertise of the Human Solutions Group has all the answers you need – and we have already accompanied a wide range of first-time introductions into the field of digitization! All you have to do is contact us! We’ll be happy to help you with your introduction to the digitization of the fashion process!


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