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The Bodyprofiler – more sizing & fitting with just a few clicks!


Clothes that fit perfectly – that’s what all customers want, regardless of whether they buy online or in street stores. Only four data entries are needed – and the Human Solutions Bodyprofiler generates an avatar that customers can use for digital fitting sessions.

Sizing & fitting problems are the order of the day. Each human body is unique, every brand has a different understanding of sizes – and then of course there’s individual wearing comfort, because everyone wants to wear their clothes differently; perhaps one person prefers a tight fit, but another feels more comfortable in wider, more flowing outfits.

The Bodyprofiler by Human Solutions helps customers to find clothing that really fits by means of a digital fitting, both in web shops and in street stores. Here’s how it works – the customer generates his own avatar with just four clicks. That’s all that’s needed to create a realistic avatar based on the world’s largest database of human body scans. The customer can see right away how a selected garment looks on the avatar, where it’s narrow or wide, for example – and pattern and color variants can also be displayed.

Want to know more about our products? Our Sizing & Fitting team will be pleased to help you!

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