3D Body Scanner VITUS/smart in Tokyo

From- September 19th to 23rd 2000, one 3D Body Scanner VITUS/smart of tecmath AG is presented at the Koyanagi Gallery in Japan Ginza Chuoku/Tokyo


The occasion is an exhibition at this gallery in frame of the exhibition People 1 to 10 of the noted artist Karin Sander. At the same time the miniTwin Edition-"KarinSander" is introduced at the gallery. This edition will start in Tokyo and give everyone who is interested the opportunity, to be scanned in 3D and to get a personal miniTwin - a statue about 25 cm in height. More information at the Innovation Shop of the tecmath AG.

The exhibition is taken care of by Mrs. Dr. Gäbel, an employee of the tecmath AG, who presents the scanner, makes scans at the face and is pleased to answer your questions. On two evenings, interested clients and partners are invited to the gallery to present the world innovation, the 3D Body Scanner VITUS/smart to a selected circle. Those are especially representatives of the clothing industry, from the automobile sector, manufacturers and suppliers as well as sales partners and desired clients.

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