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C&A the first to install tecmath AG’s Body Scanner

C&A in the Mönckebergstraße, Hamburg, is the first store in Germany to introduce the brand new method of purchasing clothing using the VITUS/smart 3D Body Scanner.


Thanks to this tecmath-developed system, C&A now offers its male customers something radically new – customized clothing by means of by 3D Body Scanning!

Customized clothing combines the advantages of ready-made (low price and fast availability) and traditional made-to-measure garments (perfect fit and customer-designed).

The Scanner cabin stands at the heart of C&A’s customized clothing area, which is roughly 50 square meters in size. Here the customer’s measurements are captured digitally in a process both totally contact-free and lightning-fast. The result is a 3D human image – the customer’s ‘digital twin’. In the blink of an eye, the software now calculates 30 or more separate body measurements and the customer, helped by the sales person, can then choose his own preferred suit material and the style he wants from 156 top-quality fabrics and 41 different styles. This information is now passed directly by on-line data transfer to the manufacturer, where the data is fed automatically to machine systems, inventory control, material management and CAD design construction. And the satisfied customer can collect his customized suit from C&A in just 3 weeks!