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3D Bodyscanner at the AutoZUM Exhibition, Salzburg

The Birner Autobedarf Company (car accessories) will be using a 3D Bodyscanner as a marketing tool at the AutoZUM in Salzburg from 15th through the 18th of January.


Mobile telephones with interchangeable shells, cars with literally hundreds of details to choose from- we’re living in the age of individualization. Not many people nowadays will simply make do with a standard product. They want the items they use in their day-to-day life to be customized according to their needs and tastes. The personalized 3D screen saver is ideal in this instance – it makes a great give-away at Exhibitions and visitors can even have their own company emblem integrated. This is where the 3D Bodyscanner comes in – it first scans the visitor and the resulting data is used to produce a diskette with the subject’s three-dimensional, personal image in the form of a screen saver.

Catch the 3D Bodyscanner at the AutoZUM in Salzburg, Austria! You’ll find Birner Autobedarf in Hall 15, booth number 102, from the 15th through the 18th of January, 2003.