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3D with reality plus

Time-to-market is increasingly becoming a question of technology. With our 3D CAD, you can save time and check your drafts especially effectively. Thanks to leading simulations of fabric, cut piece and the human being, Vidya has established a very strong position in collection development, fulfilling complex visualization requirements. This means that you can generate significant time and cost savings today in product development for up to two-thirds of all your model designs, e.g. in prototyping - not to mention the added value in other areas such as sales and trading.

Brax: How do we use 3D productively?

"We´ve always managed to adhere to our deadlines... but 3D gives us even greater time savings and that helps us respond fast to market trends - and as a vertical company, that´s really important for us."

Detlef Oesterreich, Head of IT, Brax

Vidya in the development process

With Vidya, you can inject reality into your development process. The company which develops in 3D is faster - because it’s not only body measurements that can be checked for the various sizes, but also body shapes. If your CAD interface is present in parallel in 3D, you can advance your designs - you won’t have to wait for models or prototypes. Your styles and simpler models can even be completed and sold virtually - this is why iSize, Cad.Assyst and Vidya are growing closer and closer together. And in the Future Shopping area, you can show lifelike products without producing them beforehand.


You can expect

time savings, clarity, flexibility, more value with 3D

  • matchless simulation quality for fabrics, patterns and human beings
  • realistic drape
  • high quality and efficiency in the development process
  • a communications basis for cross-border and cross-site communication
  • integration of real body shapes and volumes in design and pattern development
  • a reduced need for physical prototypes
  • visualization of the target group
  • control of fabric drape and the later size & fit
  • free viewer

Functional highlights

Outstanding visualization

  • NEW: Powerful, new renderer for photo-realistic simulation in real-time
  • NEW! Integrate into your own background worlds: e. g. Image-based lighting, create your own
  • lighting scenarios
  • Try out complex patterns with Vidya and test them in movement
  • Model poses/animation with natural motion behaviour: e.g. sitting or taking a step - can be directly loaded and saved.
  • NEW! 3D fitting of outfits by exchanging and combining 3D garments
  • Pattern changes and interactive work on the model: e.g. opening buttons in the current simulation
  • Straightforward transfer of 2D pattern pieces
  • Easy pre-work thanks to multiple sewing
  • 3D preview in 2D CAD
  • NEW! MaterialWizard for the rapid detection of measured material parameters
  • Precise display of how the fabric will drape, with corresponding body distance (Distance mode/Stretch mode)
  • NEW! Stretchability of fabrics in real-world strength, e. g. for the tensile force of rubber band
  • Fabric textures are loaded directly
  • Representation of gloss structures, partial gloss, iridescent effects, crease effects or tone-on-tone patterns
  • NEW! Binding colors/color management
  • Overlay color (also import of Photoshop color palettes)
  • NEW! SeemTool for seam imaging, e. g. for flat-look seams
  • Simulation of material stiffening/reinforcing: e.g. by means of interlinings
  • Control of applied fabric printing on models with varying garment sizes
  • Implementation of pattern changes by the patternmaker in 2D mode
  • Comprehensive population of scanatars and fashion manikins based on the standard dimension tables as well as specific body measurements
  • NEW! Measurement in 3D. Lineal and circumferential measuring tapes as characteristic curves on the avatar (also over garments
  • More user-friendly, e.g. with Freeze (freezing of pattern pieces) and error messages


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