From outfit to perfect fit: market success with the optimal size & fit

 Whom does the cut piece fit? The person who wants to get an answer to this central issue in product development, production, marketing and sales, already works with iSize. With this international body dimensions portal, you can first analyze body dimension data for global markets efficiently and interactively. Then you can work with your data right away in Cad.Assyst and Vidya. Size & fit thus becomes an important economic factor.

Walbusch: What does our customer actually look like?

Using iSize, Walbusch (focusing on Best Ager) analyzes its target group extremely accurately. And the results don’t simply flow into the tables of sizes ― Walbusch also develops fashion manikins on the basis of the iSize results. This means that the cut pieces and the body dimensions of the fashion manikins match exactly.

iSize in the development process

Two test persons can actually have the same standard size according to the table of sizes ― but they have completely different size & fit requirements, depending on each one’s region and age. With iSize, you can determine the dimensions of your target group, compare them with your existing table and optimally alter your cuts ― right in CAD and in the 3D visualization. This not only improves what you can offer your customers, you will also open up new markets and product segments with your clear edge in experience.


iSize was developed by Human Solutions. The portal comprises serial measurement data from Germany, France, Switzerland and Holland. More anthropometric data from Korea, Japan, China and the USA is also integrated.


You can expect

reliable size & fit data for your target group

  • analyses for Europe, North America and Asia
  • a reliable planning foundation for markets and products
  • representative and readily available databases
  • body measurements to be linked with body volume
  • the body measurements of more than 100,000 men women and children between the ages of 6 and 75 ― with 12,000 of those in Germany
  • 44 body dimensions to be in accordance with ISO 8559 and ISO 7250
  • downloadable scanatars
  • standardized and comparable results from one country to another.

Functional highlights

Extensive evaluation options

  • Market selection e.g. country selection (also in combination for more than two countries)
  • Target group selection, e.g. gender, age, garment size or region
  • Target group-compatible adaptation of sizes tables
  • Analysis of body dimensions: also cross-analysis of international markets
  • Analysis and evaluation of individual body dimensions
  • Interactive adjustment of in-house tables of sizes to match selected export markets
  • Trade forecasts for selected markets
  • Examination of the grading steps
  • Market share analysis
  • Relabeling and harmonization of sizes
  • Import interface for adapting cut pieces to new sizes in Cad.Assyst and Vidya
  • 12 scanatars of the standard sizes of the SizeGERMANY serial measurement survey
  • Preview of scanatars for individually selected target groups
  • Fully functional Vidya scanatars available in just a few days


Human Solutions GmbH
Phone: +49 (0)631 343 593 00

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