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Your ERP as a guide ― from the point of sale to shipping

With ERP by AVM, you can manage all aspects of apparel production, exactly as required by your market. All business models, company structures and new plans can be flexibly mapped. So if you open your own stores today, integrate the retail trade more intensively tomorrow and tap into a new target group the day after tomorrow, our system BOS will be right there with you.

Hatico: How can we react faster to fashion trends?

Using a seamless process from receipt of the order to sales assessment, shirt specialist Hatico increases its productivity and significantly increases its revenue per employee. This is made possible by our ERP system and a great deal of flexibility in vertical integration and retailer care and services.


BOS in the production process

We combine PLM and ERP to form a seamless chain of technology which supports the whole value-added chain of apparel companies - from the initial product idea all the way to purchasing and shipping. And the management of bale clippings is also possible in combination with the optimization program Lago.

You can expect

smooth workflows, a clear overview and faster decisions

  • shorter flow times
  • automation of sub-processes
  • increased productivity and efficiency in manufacturing
  • flexible mapping of concern structures (multi-client capability), own production and finished goods in the same system
  • Support for various types of manufacturing, e.g. anonymous, customer-oriented or customer-specific
  • Efficient storage controlling

Functional highlights

All data at the right place at the right time 

  • General master data, like all information about customer orders and sales
  • Automatic booking of orders (B2C/B2B)
  • Product master data e.g. management as product types, or EAN numbers or unlimited numbers of sizes grids
  • Order management, e.g. order transfer from EDI and automatic generation of NOS orders
  • Planning, assignment, control and controlling in production
  • Product data management e.g. workflow and deadline/schedule control
  • Materials management, e.g. automatic piece list links for each product or the saving of color cards
  • Purchasing, e.g. requirements lists, ordering procedures or intelligent storage management with stock movement lists
  • Acceptance quality limit for finished pieces and the corresponding supplier allocation
  • Order picking, e.g. triggering of shipping procedure before the delivery deadline, including shipping proposal and the creation of delivery notes
  • Commission route optimization for finished piece storage during sorting from excepted quantities storage
  • Billing, e.g. single or collective invoices or freight costs analysis
  • Fully automatic creation of EDI messages
  • Returns management with error classification in groups and derivation of the relevant aftertreatment


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