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Your ERP now extends to the point of sale

Thanks to SAM, all order-related data is available in realtime. This starts with information about each customer and your current product catalog and stops only with the order confirmation. Your sales process will become efficient and uniform, matching your specifications exactly. This enables you to provide quick answers and optimal service to your retail partners, strengthen the ties to your stores and give your trade representatives all the information they need to create and maintain good customer relations.

Création Gross: How can we manage our complex collections and processes?

In the Création Gross world, ERP must deal with a veritable flood of data combinations and process variations ― and this even applies to the order processes, not just the production processes. EDI has long been a standard, as has mobile order entry, ― this is a time advantage, especially in the case of trend collections.


SAM in the sales process

All data in SAM is available online and offline in any depth of detail. There are brand new samples in 3D. On site, our system allows interactive planning at the customer’s and the comfortable entry of orders, providing customer service with the latest sales data for finalizing the sale - anytime it’s needed. Just like the approval process. And because SAM can be integrated into any ERP system, it works like a flexible link between headquarters, sites, subsidiaries and representatives.

You can expect

true customer loyalty, data in realtime

  • better customer service
  • faster order entry and processing
  • uniform sales processes and structure
  • efficient data acquisition on site (without redundant entry)
  • order data that’s always up-to-date
  • lower level of error risk
  • fast data transfer
  • access from anywhere

Functional highlights

ERP goes mobile

  • 3D catalog: Display of finished pieces as a 3D image or 3D movie
  • Clear guidelines as to prices, discounts, currency or delivery dates
  • Customer specifications such as purchasing conditions taken fully into account
  • Uniform approval/release procedures - even interactive and in realtime
  • Upon request - order booking, even with non-approved customer wishes
  • Direct connection to your ERP system
  • Planning the presentation of merchandise such as images and data on area stocks
  • Re-orders based on minimum quantities
  • Creation of offers on site
  • Simple, partially automated documentation
  • Overview of visits, orders and provisioning
  • Comprehensive, detailed analysis, e.g. by product group, sales or season
  • Individual data analysis by data cube
  • Travel planning with Google Maps


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