3D simulation of apparel

Objective: This course will teach you the most important functions in apparel simulation using typical pattern creation and design workflows.

Previous knowledge:

pattern/technical know-how and product knowledge would be advantageous.

  • Vidya.Cad – preparation of CAD data for 3D visualization and simulation
  • Vidya Simulator – simulation of apparel
  • Vidya Texture – processing of textures for the realistic display in Vidya Simulator
  • Vidya Seam – creation of individual seam textures 
  • Vidya Datamanagement – import, administration, set up and export of 3D data
  • Transfer of CAD data from third-party systems by means of data conversion (does not apply for existing Cad.Assyst customers)
  • Vidya Avatar – Set up of animations on the basis of body scans  

Please note: Cut-relevant know-how, basic knowledge of Cad.Assyst and product-related knowledge would be of advantage.

Approx. 5 days for vidya Kompakt;
As an option:
1 day for CAD data transfer from third-party systems by data conversion (not applicable for Cad.Assyst customers)
2 days basic training Vidya.Cad (not applicable for cad.assyst customers)
2 days for Vidya material
1 day Vidya Avatar

Registration for this Training:

3D simulation of apparel

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