The fast one for the retail trade

3D depth sensors will convince your customers with new concepts at the point of sale.

Innovative services at the point of sale help to bind customers in a targeted way. The key here is the new depth sensor scanner Ditus MC by Human Solutions. It provides accurate measurements for all garments in MtM, Corporate Fashon, 3D visualization and Virtual Try-On, fits seamlessly into existing processes and is so cost-effective that new business scenarios pay their way fast.

You can expect

The precise taking of measurements

  • Three-dimensional imaging of the human body
  • High level of customer comfort thanks to short scan times and instant results
  • High degree of mobility due to low weight and easy assembly
  • Intuitive operation
  • Instant capture of 50 dimensions (womenswear/menswear)
  • Automatic scanatar creation
  • Wide range of services and software integration

Functional highlights 

Leading technology worldwide

  • Measurement duration: less than 1 sec
  • Measurement principle: optical triangulation, infrared
  • Number of sensors: 12 sensors (Xtion PRO LIVE)
  • Scanning volume: 2100 mm (H) 900 mm (L), 900 mm (B)
  • Depth resolution: 5 mm (typical)
  • Scanner dimensions (assembled): 1850 mm (H), 2200 mm (L), 2400 mm (B)
  • Scanner dimensions (packaged): 9500 mm (H), 600 mm (L), 300 mm (B)
  • Required area: approximately 3 m2
  • Total weight: 30 kg
  • Registration/Control with Anthroscan
  • Powered by computer/laptop
  • Export formats: PLY, OBJ, STL, ASCII, DXF

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