Hightlight: 3D Grading

Top quality for your size range

When you grade a pattern, you need to know all about the body, the pattern itself and the interaction between these two. That’s a real challenge in 2D – and it’s why most companies only change their size range patterns in accordance with in-house rules. With 3D grading, however, you can see at first glance how your customer’s body changes with the different sizes, and how the pattern for the size & fit you want has to be altered as a result.

Your advantages

  • Better grading quality
  • Good sizing & fitting in your size range
  • Time savings thanks to visual support
  • Simple adjustment of the grading to other body shapes
  • Realistic body information from iSize


How 3D grading works in Cad.Assyst

In Cad.Assyst, you can create the grading alterations for the relevant sizes on the correct body positions. You then have a 3D model with real dimensions for all graded sizes in combination with your pattern – in the benchmark size. Pattern alterations are then carried out automatically, based on the 3D body.

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