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One pattern piece, many variants

Bags, prints, logos and labels – there are countless variants for pattern pieces. When a pattern piece is processed, the work has to be documented in a lot of files. Smart.Filter makes pattern management much easier. Now you can map the pattern elements of model variants into one pattern piece and filter out the variants you need. These variants then flow into the process chain as a normal Cad.Assyst file.

Your advantages

  • Easier management of pattern piece variations
  • Avoidance of errors thanks to transparency and being totally up-to-date
  • Time savings
  • Continuous process with In PLM GoLive and AutoMarker

How Smart.Filter works

All the pattern elements are contained in one pattern piece. You can filter the relevant variants in Cad.Assyst and use them right away, maybe to request a marker in AutoMarker, for instance.

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