Highlight: Virtual Scanner

Precise body profiles with no try-on sessions and taking of measurements

How can customers find the right size if they can’t try on the garments in the store? Human Solutions has a globally unique answer to that question: it’s called “Virtual Scanner” technology. The Virtual Scanner uses the iSize database, which is so extensive, statistically representative and detailed that the body measurements and shapes of customers can be determined with just a few known parameters.

Your advantages

  • You give your customers a special purchasing experience
  • You know the sizing & fitting of every customer
  • You increase customer satisfaction
  • You have a higher level of conversion
  • You have fewer returns

How the Virtual Scanner works

Customers are only asked for their gender, age, height and weight. From that data, a lifelike avatar is created, and it has the correct functionality for the fashion process. So it’s perfect for a whole range of application scenarios, like ordering online, on-site assistance in the store, and many more!

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