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Highlight: Fasion Apps

Fashion on the move

The new App series from PLM GoLive – the Management Dashboard gives you all the facts, Snapshot saves your ideas, and the Mobile Product Catalog gives you your collection book on the road.

Essential – mobile collection book for management and sales

To help you exploit every business opportunity, you can now display your collections on your smartphone and share them – in overview and in detail with photos or film.

Viable – the Dashboard for managers

You know it all at a glance. The Dashboard app makes your KPIs for the current collection mobile – reliable, up-to-date and always with you.

Practical – Snapshots for the creative

“Snap it all” is the motto of our Snapshot app. You can take photographs and collect and share ideas and suggestions on the road.

Fashion Magazine

fashion – The magazine for technology in the apparel industry

fashion 04

  • Mature
    Develop, coordinate, optimize – 3D pays.
  • Innovation course
    Pattern data in the Fashion Cloud ... here’s how it works.
  • Best practice
    This is what the industry is doing with the new fashion technology.

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