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RAMSIS in CATIA V5 now also available for SUN

Human Solutions' CAD software now further expanded: SUN Solaris joins MS-Windows, HP-UX and IBM AIX on the range of supported platforms


The CAD software RAMSIS by Human Solutions is now available on yet another platform: RAMSIS in CATIA V5 for SUN Solaris is available to all customers, effective immediately. As usual, RAMSIS can still be used with MS Windows, HP-UX and IBM AIX operating systems.

Since the first version came out in 1994, RAMSIS has advanced to the top of the sector as sole market leader: over 70% of the world’s automotive manufacturers use the CAD tool RAMSIS by Human Solutions GmbH (a rough translation of the German abbreviation is "computer-supported mathematical-anthropological system for vehicle occupant simulation"). This platform expansion to include SUN marks the second strategic further development of RAMSIS inside a year: the alterations to the programming interface in the changeover from CATIA Version 4 to Version 5 demanded a whole new implementation of RAMSIS in CATIA. RAMSIS is today completely integrated in V5 and has been available on the market since March 2004.