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Wöhrl uses 3D Body Scanner for customized clothing

Franconian fashion house with new range on offer in its newly-expanded flagship store in Nürnberg, Germany. Effective immediately, Wöhrl is also represented on the consumer website ‘bestfit4you’ in the form of a company portrait.


From now on, aficionados of perfectly-fitting clothing can get themselves digitally measured with a 3D Body Scanner in their Nürnberg flagship store CityWöhrl. The technical integration of the retailer and individual manufacturer is carried out via the software solution RETAILOR. Apart from that, Wöhrl is now represented by a company portrait on the internet site. Human Solutions developed this website for the garment industry in order to broaden consumer awareness of customized clothing.

bestfit4you: Shopfinder & More

Human Solutions has been operating this website since the 12th of July this year. The site's focal point is a Shopfinder, which shows the way to the nearest retailer. The database behind this search function is maintained by Human Solutions; all fashion houses and stores that use the Human Solutions customized clothing solution are included. Retailers can also expand their company portraits free of charge – e.g. with details of current sales drives, information about the main focus of particular ranges and new picture material, etc.

“Customized clothing depicts self-assurance, exclusiveness and expression of one's personal style", says Wohrl's Mr. Ott. "Our fashion consultants make use of cutting-edge technology to achieve a wholly traditional objective - achieving the realization of the customer's wishes."