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FIGURA: Ensuring garment fit with company-specific 3D fashion manikin

Human Solutions develops individual fashion manikin for garment industry. OUT - conventional standard busts! IN - Exact three-dimensional images of real models for garment-fitting!


FIGURA is used for collection development and for ensuring garment fit, implementing company-specific requirements and stipulations at production sites across the world. The human models for garment-fitting are first measured by a 3D body scanner; then several copies of a fashion manikin are produced on the basis of the data acquired. FIGURA thus combines the advantages of human models and conventional busts.

To develop a company-specific individual fashion manikin, Human Solutions and the clothing manufacturer cooperate closely with one another. Body measurements, shape and proportions are captured and imaged realistically. Thanks to the combination of different ideal types (e.g. the torso of one model, the lower part of the body of another, etc.), the achievement of symmetry and the adjusting and matching of measurements all result in a model that is absolutely ideal.

The individual fashion manikin is modeled in light, shape-retaining, low-density polyethylene. Soft inserts in the chest, abdominal and hip areas realistically mirror the body's resilience characteristics.