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Human Solutions with new internet presence

Comprehensive Relaunch of HS Website. Now separated into clearly defined business fields and sectors. At the company's internet address, its two main business fields are now clearly and separately defined.


After the introductory page, the site splits into three sections - the automotive industry, the garment industry and the Company itself. For site visitors, the extensive amount of information on offer is now much more clearly structured and more navigable - the user only receives content and news from the particular sector that interests him – and he’ll get where he wants to go easily and fast. Switching to a different area or to company announcements is now just one mouse-click away. Users can also choose between German and English on each and every page.

"With our special topics, body scanning and ergonomics simulation, we're addressing two totally different customer interests", says Alexandra Jäger, Human Solutions' Marketing Director. "Very few visitors to the site want to have a general overview of our complete performance spectrum. Most users only want to have information about their own specific market. This is why we restructured our website: orientation has now been made much more transparent - and thanks to the slim-line site structuring of the site, the latest news catches the eye faster."